Everyday from Paroikia

A unique experience, up close with Paros’ natural beauties. Visit the sea caves, Despotiko and Panteronissia. Our day cruise is organized by Pegasus Marine Daily Cruises and takes you to the most beautiful beaches near Paros, accessible only by boat.


Everyday, 10:00 to 17:30
The cost per adult is 55€, children 6-12 years old pay 45€
Starting from May 1st 2019

  • Our day cruise departs from the Paroikia harbour.
  • Our first destination is Monastiria (Monasteries), with their deep blue waters. Monastiria are two beaches, lying between two hills and appealing to the visitor with their golden sand and beautiful seabed. Our visit there lasts 45 minutes. Our guests may bask in the sun, sip on their coffee and dive in the crystal clear waters.
  • Our second stop is the magnificent Despotiko island. Here we cast anchor for one hour and our visitors may explore and photograph the archaeological site, accompanied with members of our crew, in order to witness from up close the great findings of the digs, where permitted. We conclude our visit with traditional mezedes, drinks and refreshments.
    Upon our departure, we stop briefly for a swim near Epitaphios, the famous sea caves and the enchanting seabed.
  • Our third destination is Livadi at Despotiko, where our visitors may enjoy the scenery and the crystal clear waters, combined with barbecue, mezedes, drinks, refreshments and fruit salads. An ideal place for swimming, as Livadi is often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyclades.
  • Our fourth destination, for about an hour, is the beautiful Panteronisi island, often referred to as “the Aegean’s Carribean”. Its emerald waters are ideal for long dives and relaxation, accompanied with drinks and fruit. The consumption of drinks is controlled.
  • And that’s the end of our journey, enjoying the trip back to Paroikia in Paros island, with smooth music and a last drink.

* The tour in the archaeological site of Despotiko is organized on certain days only.

* Due to weather conditions, the itinerary may change, to ensure the safety of the passengers and the boat.

A feast of natural beauty

Our day cruise


The Monasteries are two beaches that lie between two hills and appeal to the visitor with their golden sand and beautiful seabed.



During our visit to Despotiko, we offer select mezedes (Greek snacks) and fresh, local products.


Sea caves

The winds and open sea have sculpted the rocky shores of Paros and Antiparos over time, resulting in wonderful scenic sea caves.



One of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean, with crystal clear waters.