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Our 19 metres long boat provides all modern amenities, for a comfortable and memorable trip. Our cruises are operated by Pegasus Marine Daily Cruises.

Apollo's sanctuary at Despotiko

A little known treasure

The sanctuary of Apollo at Despotiko island, near Paros, is a recently revealed archaeological site. The digs have uncovered great findings are still under way. Upon request, we can arrange a tour of the archaeological site, where permitted.


Magical Beaches

Book a trip with Captain John, our 19 metres yacht, and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Paros. Pegasus Marine Daily Cruises organizes a day cruise that takes you to the most beautiful beaches near Paros, accessible only by boat.

It's Magic

Paros Sunset

Enjoy the magnificent sunset in our evening 2-hour cruise. Pegasus Marine Daily Cruises organizes an evening cruise that takes you to the most scenic and enjoyable views of Paros.

Hidden beaches and natural beauty

Unique sights

Visit unique beaches, such as Monastiria (Monasteries) in the west of the island. These two beaches lie between two hills and appeal to the visitor with their golden sand and beautiful seabed. This is just one of the beautiful beaches near Paros that you can enjoy in our day cruise.

What we do

Cruises in Paros

Daily cruises from Paros in Captain John, in which you can visit the best nearby attractions, enjoy the crystal clear waters and taste local delicacies.

Our boat

Captain John is a 19 metres long sailboat, able to travel safely under wind speeds up to 6 bft.



The Monasteries are two beaches that lie between two hills and appeal to the visitor with their golden sand and beautiful seabed.



During our visit to Despotiko, we offer select mezedes (Greek snacks) and fresh, local products.


Sea caves

The winds and open sea have sculpted the rocky shores of Paros and Antiparos over time, resulting in wonderful scenic sea caves.



One of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean, with crystal clear waters.


Meet beautiful Cyclades Islands

Natural beauty


kilometres of coastline

Antiparos has a laced fjord-like coastline and amazing beaches, with calm waters and golden sand on one side and vertical rocky cliffs with caves on the other.


century BC

The sanctuary of Apollo in Despotiko, one of the most important recent archeological discoveries, is dated as far back as the 8th century BC, while it flourished in the 6th century BC.


species of birds

Paros is home to over 300 species of birds, while the marine habitats around the island are home to the Mediterranean monk seal (monachus monachus).


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Day cruise

10:00 - 17:30

Enjoy our day cruise, available every day. Explore, swim, taste local delicacies.

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Evening cruise

19:30 - 21:15

Magical colours, memorable scenery, romantic ambience. Enjoy your drink while admiring the sunset.

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